Washington Square Hotel
The Washington Square Hotel
103 Waverly Place
New York, New York 10011
Phone    1.212.777.9515 Reservations and guest calls
     1.800.222.0418 Reservations (USA only)
Fax    1.212.979.8373
Email    reservations@wshotel.com


PDF Press Kit (photos available below)
Press Kit PDF WSHPressKit2014.pdf (802K)
Telegraph UK's (2008) WSH_Telegraph_UK_2008.pdf (467K)
Michelin Guide 2007 NYC WSH_Michelin_Guide_NYC_2007.pdf (545K)
AmericanWay (2006) WSH_AmericanWay_2006.pdf (558K)
New York, Weddings (2005) WSH_New_York_Weddings_2005.pdf (638K)
TimeOut New York (2005) WSH_TimeOut_NewYork_2005.pdf (889K)
Hotel Business (2005) WSH_Hotel_Business_2005.pdf (3986K)
Newsday Long Island (2005) WSH_Newsday_LongIsland_2005.pdf (2972K)
The New York Sun (2004) WSH_New_York_Sun_2005.pdf (3266K)
Travel Trade, News Edition (2004) WSH_TravelTrade_2004.pdf (854K)
TravelLady Magazine (website, 2004) WSH_TravelLady_Magazine_2004.pdf (2723K)
The Boston Globe (2003) WSH_Boston_Globe_2003.pdf (3359K)
Family Circle (2003) WSH_Family_Circle_2003.pdf (1716K)
Wine Love! (2002) WSH_Wine_Love_2002.pdf (471K)
TimeOut New York (2001) WSH_TimeOut_NewYork_2001.pdf (2968K)
High Resolution Photos
Front of Hotel Hi resolution TIFF (28119K) - WSH_Entrance.tif
Low resolution JPG (2089K) - WSH_Entrance.jpg
Lobby Hi resolution TIFF (11702K) - WSH_Lobby.tif
Low resolution JPG (298K) - WSH_Lobby.jpg
Lobby Bar Hi resolution TIFF (12154K) - WSH_Lobby_Bar.tif
Low resolution JPG (368K) - WSH_Lobby_Bar.jpg
Deluxe Twin Room Hi resolution TIFF (29824K) - WSH_Deluxe_Twin.tif
Low resolution JPG (1561K) - WSH_Deluxe_Twin.jpg
Deluxe Queen Room Hi resolution TIFF (29631K) - WSH_Deluxe_Queen.tif
Low resolution JPG (1603K) - WSH_Deluxe_Queen.jpg
Executive King Room Hi resolution TIFF (29869K) - WSH_Executive_King.tif
Low resolution JPG (1554K) - WSH_Executive_King.jpg
North Square Lounge Hi resolution TIFF (14747K) - North_Square_Lounge.tif
Low resolution JPG (215K) - North_Square_Lounge.jpg
North Square Restaurant Hi resolution TIFF (11014K) - North_Square_Restaurant.tif
Low resolution JPG (268K) - North_Square_Restaurant.jpg